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What a trip! We recently stayed in the incredible Breac House, in Donegal. We booked it ages ago now but with the pandemic we had to wait until the world settled down a bit to go AND it was 100% worth the wait. Located on Horn Head, a head land surrounded by water. You feel like you are just outside the real world. It has that old faery-tale magic feeling, where people were taken to the other lands………

The drive there was magical, once you cross the bridge onto the headland you know you have arrived somewhere special. Pulling up to Breac House is just mesmerising, coming into the drive way you are met with a stunner of a building that is both modern yet timeless, in a way that is difficult to describe. It somehow blends into the landscape, both from afar and up close. We were warmly greeted by the lovely Cathrine and shown around. To be honest, I found it hard to follow as I was quite taken back by not only the view but the interior itself. With some the most beautifully designed furniture pieces I have seen. Then the beautiful pieces of art from Super Folk taking up centre stage.


The Room, well what can I say? We were in the Turf room, with thee most comfortable bed I have ever slept on and beautiful blankets and pillows from the Donegal Legend Eddie Doherty himself. The views were breath taking. With the elevation you can see for absolute miles, taking in Muckish Mountain to the Ocean. You even have your own outdoor seating space at the other side of the window, which takes up pretty much the whole wall.

After a nap and wash, we headed to Dunfanaghy for Pizza and beers in the Rusty Oven. We had to wait a while so we grabbed some pints of Guinness and sat at the water’s edge in the warm evening sun – happy as.

Food in the Rusty Oven was off the chart amazing. I got the pear and walnut pizza (amazing) and Joe went for the charcuterie board – again amazing. I won’t even start on the garlic bread! The setting was incredible – it was a super warm evening with the sun starting to go down. The table was nestled among the canopies, fairy lights and trees. Conversation on the warm air and the smells from the pizza ovens drifting over…..

The Guinness from Patsy Dans too…..


We walked back to Breac House, using an old road in the moon light. It was surrounded by trees and overhead the stars were beginning to come out. To the side the moon was following us through the trees. We had a bottle of Prosecco along the way. It was one of those moments that will always stay with me. Walking along a forgotten road in Donegal, warm summer night air, drinking a bottle of Prosecco with the man I will be marrying in a few short months, talking crap but putting the world to rights at the same time. A moment of pure happiness.

The next day we woke up to breakfast…… that is delivered through a secret cupboard in your room! We sat by the window munching down on some of the tastiest breakfast ever! Have a look. With a personalised card, listing where the food came from and what was included for breakfast. The Guys make their own breads, yogurt, butter, jams and pastries! I can’t describe how good it was.


After breakfast we got ready to head to a secret (ish) beach, with instructions from the guys. Lunch was left at our door, in bespoke back packs from Atlantic Equipment. The walk (there is no road access) took us through fields of incredible wild flowers. The predominate scent being that of meadow sweet…..

When we got to the the beach we were still quite high up and the views were out of this world.

We got down to the sand and shared the beach with maybe 20 other lucky people. The water was incredible. That green/ blue west coast Atlantic water, that seems to pump through my veins. I don’t know about you, but the closer I get the Atlantic, I seem to get energised by it’s proximity and can almost feel my blood pumping through my body.

Our prepared pack lunches were delicious. All packed perfectly into the back packs. Homemade tomato soup, with homemade bread. Ice cold water, cheese, grapes and cake! WHAT A TREAT!

A Weekend in Breac House - Horn Head, Donegal

A Weekend in Breac House – Horn Head, Donegal

A Weekend in Breac House - Horn Head, Donegal Seaviews

A Weekend in Breac House – Horn Head, Donegal Seaviews

A Weekend in Breac House - Horn Head, Donegal

A Weekend in Breac House – Horn Head, Donegal

A Weekend in Breac House - Horn Head, Donegal

A Weekend in Breac House – Horn Head, Donegal

A Weekend in Breac House - Horn Head, Donegal

A Weekend in Breac House – Horn Head, Donegal

A Weekend in Breac House - Horn Head, Donegal picnic

A Weekend in Breac House – Horn Head, Donegal


I could write for hours more about our stay. There was the sauna, the seaweed bath (with one of our candles going in the back ground. What a lovely touch). The wine selection alone was enough to bring us back! The collaborations with local makers (listed here it is quite a family of some of our favourites Irish businesses) says a lot about the core values of Breac House. The one thing though was the hospitality, Cathrine and Niall was simply incredible hosts. From sharing stories about the local area to just how welcome we felt, the entire time. It is a true testament to Irish hospitality. Their passion for sustainability too, further’s their values, this is something that really aligns with our ethos too.

We are busting to get back as soon as possible.

You can check out their (gorgeous) website here.