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Happy World Book Day, Folks!

For the day that’s in it, I wanted to share with you some of our new book lovers’ scents that will be released in the coming weeks. You may have noticed we have been quiet of late. All will be revealed soon! Keep an eye out for announcements over the next week.

Back to books! I love stories in all forms and would easily read one book every week or so. Audio books have been wonderful for some of the more inspirational and more factual reads, but there is nothing like the touch and smell of a book in your hand for a really good story. I sometimes think, if I didn’t start the candle business, I may have opened a second hand book store and could be happily nestled up with a coffee and a book right now.

Our current book lovers’ range has been a big hit and we love, love LOVE seeing your photos of the candles in your gorgeous reading nooks. The next scents are almost ready, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

The next four Book Lover’s candles are inspired by:

The Starless Sea.

Professor Snape.

The Linen Hall Library (while not a book, a very worthy inclusion).

The Secret Garden.


The Starless Sea is up there with my all time favourite reads, combining an exquisite writing style that reminds me of Cloud Atlas, jumping between characters, places and times effortlessly. I won’t delve into the story as we will be starting a virtual book club for that soon. The scent however is honey sweet with a hint of old books.

The next one will be called ‘Always’ and will have just the one scent…. Lillies……. if you know, you know. Proceeds from this candle will be donated to the Trans Gender NI charity, because if you know, you know 🙂

Our third candle is inspired by Belfast’s Linen Hall Library. A place I spent many a happy hour, whiling away between the pages of many books, with my Granda. A man, who I believe got a handbook on “How to be the best Granda” and I was the result. We watched trains, collected conkers, went to the museum and library. He shaped the man I am today to a large degree.

The forth candle is ‘The Secret Garden’ – this was down to an online vote. I had asked you Guys, what book you would like to see added to the collection. I thought this was very important, as I have very set range of books I am drawn to and wanted to expand on this. This was a joy to read and the ideas for scents were incredible. We went for a rich floral and an undercurrent of heather.


We are just waiting on the labels coming in and we will get them photographed and online 🙂 As I said earlier, we will be starting an online book club too, I am working out how it will work just now, if you have ideas or experience, please get in touch.

Peace out,

Michael and the Team.