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Our Story

Meet Michael the founder of The Bearded Candle Makers.

His passion lies in creating intriguing scents based on stories and memories, then carefully making them into perfectly burning candles. Being from Ireland he was brought up with and around stories, it only felt natural to bring that tradition into his candles. Scent has always intrigued him, even from a young age. He had an early love affair with scent and to this day it remains his passion. Often referred to as an alchemist, due to his obsession with documenting memeories into scents for his candles.

By developing our own scent blending profiles and studying the science of candle making we truly believe our candles will smell amazing and last longer than their counter parts. We have literally tested thousands of different combinations of wicks with a range of natural waxes, in a range of different containers. As well as that we discovered most candle makers only use about 3 – 5% fragrance in their candles, we use 11%, which is the very most the wax can take. We do this because the scent is the most important part.

We are very passionate about what we do and love doing it.

Thanks for being part of our story.

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It’s all about the wax

The soy wax we use comes from sustainable soy farms in America.  Many soy farms from other parts of the world are destroying rainforests to grow soy crops.  Our soy suppliers are all family run farms with sustainable agriculture at their core.  They are also Kosher certified farms to ensure they all meet the highest industry standards for hygiene and safety.

By choosing soy you are choosing to help support the environment as it is a healthily renewable resource as it can be replaced at the same rate and faster than it can be consumed. It is continually producible without damaging the ecosystem in which it is grown.  Finally it is completely biodegradable.

Our soy candles contains NO: Palm wax, beeswax, pesticides OR herbicides. Guaranteed.