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Hi Folks!

Let see how to burn a candle perfectly. Have you ever had to throw a candle out but there is still wax left in the container? It happens quite a lot unfortunately, but with a few simple steps it can easily be avoided.  We have made a video for you talking all about how to burn your candles perfectly. You may as well get the most out of them, especially if they are ours 🙂

The main points are:

On the first burn, always keep the candle lit until it melts fully across the top.

Never burn for more than 3 hours and try and keep it lit until the while surface is melted.

After each use (and when the wax has fully cooled) trim the wick down to 5mm

When you get to the end of the candle and there is still some wax left, it is best to pop it in the freezer. Once frozen use a knife to chop up the wax and use it in an oil burner.

I hope that helps.

Michael x