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Have you ever been moved to complete wonder by a landscape so powerfully but at the same time so silently that it almost feels like the feelings have been walking along side you your whole life just out of sight but always there?

OI000140.jpgOne Saturday after the market, I got home, packed my rucksack and made some coffee.  Then Teddy and I headed straight for the Mountains. It was one of those days when the light was mesmerising, be it in the market, or on the drive home. The whole day I knew I wanted to be sitting on top of a mountain watching the sun setting eating some awesome food and sipping great coffee. As day dreams go, it is a pretty unusual one, but one I knew I could do and easily.OI000129.jpgOnce we set off the light seemed to radiate off everything. Close up the grass appeared to glow, the lakes and mountain tops in the far distance looked to be emitting their own inner light. I genuinely love being in the mountains in all weathers at all times of the year. There is always beauty to be found even on the greyest of days. This day however was something special.  It is days like this I can see where our myths and legends are birthed from and why we as a people have such a close and spiritual connection with the landscape (whether we know it or not).OI000133.jpgHaving recently re-read the incredible books; Lady Gregory’s complete Irish Mythology and John O’Donohue’s Anam Cara my mind was awash with renewed splendour especially when I am immersed in such a striking landscape.  It is times like these that we all need as John O’Donohue himself said that it is these moments that allows the Body to stop long enough in order for the Spirit to catch up. He wrote that at a time when we were not as consumed by social media too, which really strikes me as important, now more than ever.OI000138.jpgWe got to the top of the mountain we were aiming for and found a small nook in the Mourne wall to sit and watch the sun going down, while enjoying some awesome food and coffee.  I loved watching the colours of the whole landscape change as the evening went on. As we made our way back (quite quickly as I forgot my head torch) I again was mesmerised by the changing landscape and really tried to commit as much of it to memory as I could. When I do this, I always start with the scent. I take a slow conscious deep breath in and take note of what I can smell.  Together with the visual beauty I was witnessing I find that I can cement these memories into my mind.OI000136.jpgThere had been some issues with my business I was really stuck on and some ideas I just could not follow through on. As I drove home, I found the obstacles I had put in front of myself dissolve away and found really simple solutions to some of the problems I was trying to work on over the last few weeks. It is amazing just how simple some things can seem after a few hours in the Mountains. OI000141.jpgOI000145.jpgOI000153.jpgOI000143.jpgThe more research I do into our mythologies and the more I read from our great Spiritual writers, the more I understand how a connection with the landscape around us can play a pivotal role in our day to day lives. Without having to go as deeply into it as I have. Simply being lucky enough to catch a sunset or taking a walk into the mountains or along a beach can be enough to help soften the edges of a sometimes prickly life.