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Scent Blending + Candle Making goes to Dublin!

A few months ago I was down in Dublin chatting to the lovely Claire and Laura, owners of the Irish Design Shop on Drury Street. They had the fantastic idea of running a series of workshops around the themes of Make + Mend. I jumped at the chance to be part of it, as any time I have been to Dublin with the business the response has always been off the wall!

The work space above the shop.The work space above the shop.The work space above the shop itself was the perfect setting, it was a room filled with the tools of their trade and amazing work stations. With the windows thrown open the sounds of a busy street in Dublin filtered in, which only added to the atmosphere.  Once I got there and got set up the scents of the oils drifted up and around the building, bringing interested people down to see what was going on.A new wild Mint oil, that smells truly divine.A new wild Mint oil, that smells truly divine. Once the first group arrived and we had our coffee, I began telling the story of my business, how I started, why I started and what keeps me inspired.  I then introduced the whole scent and memory connection and how we can use that to really help improve our everyday lives and understand many underlying problems. Since starting these workshops, I have noticed that everyone has a fascination with scent, all you need do is help them scratch the surface and begin the journey down the rabbit hole.The light in the workshop that day was just in point!The light in the workshop that day was just in point!

From here I began to explain the basics of scent blending and how to begin the process of putting together certain scents using the base, heart and top note system. Then the guys got stuck into creating their own scents!  What I found totally fascinating was that each of the two groups that day took completely different approaches to their scents! The first group all pretty much used the same scents. Due to the dynamics, they seemed to come together almost and unwittingly designed a group scent. That is the first time that has happened and I love it! Then the second group all went in completely different directions with their scents, which I love too.

That is one of the reasons why I LOVE working with scent. Each workshop is so very different from the last, in such intriguing ways. The more I study scent and the more I learn, the more interesting it becomes. It is honestly, an infinite source of wonder for me.

A big thank you to the guys who booked in, some of you came a long way and I really appreciate it. I believe people who book onto a workshop called scent blending and candle making take a slight leap of faith, as it’s not something that has been done before so I really admire folks that just lead the way for others and try something new.Thumbs up!Thumbs up!