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Recently we worked with Aaron from Black Antler Films to make a short film of our candle making process in our workshop.  Aaron is a fantastically creative film maker and we could not be happier with the results.  We spent the morning together as Michael made and labelled a batch of candles.  As candle makers, sometimes we forget the intricate details involved in the process and it was wonderful to see them through the eyes of someone else.  We also were delighted with the way Aaron captured each stage.  The film has a gorgeous ‘rolling’ quality from each stage to the next.  We hope you love it as much as we do.  Put the sound up and hit play.

One of the issues we face as Irish candle makers is that we are in an industry increasingly populated with candles made in other countries but come with the tag line ‘Hand Finished in Ireland’.  Which translates as an imported candle put into a box by someone in Ireland.  It is a way for larger companies to get a foothold into the hand poured / hand made market.

We are immensely proud of the fact we hand pour every candle.  As well as that we blend each and every scent we make from scratch.  We have no issue with imported products, candles or otherwise. We live and work in a global economy and imported goods are part and parcel of our world.  We do take issue when companies intentionally mislead their customers by using those tags lines.

This is why this film is so important to us, we want to show that we literally hand pour every candle, stick on each label and are directly involved in every other part of the process.  Believe it or not, we still love it!  Sometimes there is nothing better than going to the workshop, closing the door, putting some tunes on and spending the day pouring candles!  The workshop is wonderfully warm and filled with each scent as we work through them.

Expect to see more films in the future, there is so much more to share.

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