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We are delighted to be able to share an incredible story with you.  A few months ago we were approached by Bushmills® to be a collaborator in their #answerthecall campaign.  We were selected as they recognised the same determination and passion in us as the founders of Bushmills 400 years ago.  By helping us tell our story they want to inspire others to answer their own call.

We were commissioned to create a Bushmills® Black Bush candle.  It had to carry the same rich fruity notes with the characteristic smoothness.  It was one of the hardest scents we have ever worked on.  The first few batches did not turn out well, they all came out reminding us of cheap aftershave!  We knew we had the right oils, it was just a matter of continuous tweaks until we go there.  Once we got the oils balanced off with the right ratios, the result was incredible!

The highlight of the campaign was, without doubt the ‘Whiskey by Candle Light’ event.  This was an incredible night hosted in Love and Death Inc, a local bar famous for its awesome cocktails and stunning settings.  Along with mixology expert and owner Anthony we hosted an evening for 40 people, who got to hear our stories about what inspired us to answer our calls.  Along with some incredible Black Bush cocktails, everyone got the chance to hand pour their very own Black Bush scented soy candle.  We were buzzing for days afterwards.  The idea of hosting a candle making event for 40 people was inspired, we would never have considered it until the idea was given to us by Bushmills.  It is really amazing what you achieve with the right motivation.Keep checking out the #answerthecall site for more really amazing events with other collaborators.