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Surfing in the Rain – The Weekender Collection


Surfing in the Rain – The Weekender Collection, Nemophilist Candle

Scent story // All surfers know the scent of one particular surf wax with a coconut vibe. So much so that it’s synonymous with the smell of surf shops! I know that smell, lying on my board, my nose just above its surface and the tacky wax smell filling my nostrils. When it rains the smell is even more intense, and so is the surf. The water above and below cuts you loose to just be in the moment.

For lovers of the seas and oceans, and especially those that find joy balanced on the side of a wave. This sweet, fresh scent will carry you back… like the water.

Notes // Coconut * Birch * Sea Salt *

Burn time : 35 hours of illumination   Volume: 200g

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Surfing in the Rain – The Weekender Collection

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