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Nemophilist – The Weekender Collection


Nemophilist Candle

Scent story // Nemophilist – “ Someone with a love for forests and woodlands so strong it is said they are a haunter of the woods”. This is a scent inspired by old forests, the ‘green cathedrals’, where we find peace and happy, leafy solitude. The illustration captures the scent perfectly – tall trees, crowned by a sickle moon and a full sky of stars. A place to start an adventure…

The scent is fresh to begin with, but as it settles you’ll get further notes of tree resin and mint popping through.

Notes // Fresh pine leaves * bark resin * wild mint *

Burning time: 35 hours of illumination   Volume: 200g

Out of stock

Out of stock

Nemophilist – The Weekender Collection

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