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Honeysuckle of The Burren


Honeysuckle of The Burren

Scent story // The Burren in Co Clare is one of the most incredible parts of Ireland. A botanist’s and historian’s dream. A land etched with stories. There are parts of the burren by nature and design that allow for plants to thrive on an otherwise barren looking landscape. Michael has spent many a day wondering across this incredible pleateu sometimes under the stars and sometimes scaling the cliffsides. On one trip in 2019 he discovered a honeysuckle plant growing out from a sheer rockface. The iconic honeysuckle scent was mingled with a superb freshness from the surronding and hidden plants. Using tomato leaf and basil, Michael brought a fresheness to an otherwise heady floral scent.

Top Notes // Basil

Heart Notes // Honeysuckle & tomato leaf

Base Notes // thyme & cucumber

Burn time: 35 hours of illumination    Volume: 160g


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27 in stock

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Honeysuckle of The Burren

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