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Lavender of Achill – Soy Candle


Lavender of Achill Island

Scent story // Achill Island is a place of incredible natural diversity. From fragrant lavender to subtle heather. On a recent trip there, we stumbled across a patch of wild lavender growing along a track, on the far west of the Island. The scent was almost out of place, as it reminded me of warmer and more gentle places. With the wind coming in off the Atlantic, the lavender had an intensity to it. We focused in on the lavender leaf and the primary scent, bringing along fresh citrus and subtle sweetness too.

Top Notes // Rosemary & lemon

Hearth Notes // White lavender & lavender leaf

Base Notes // Vanilla & amber

Burning time : 35 hours of illumination    Volume : 160g

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1 in stock

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Lavender of Achill – Soy Candle

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