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Gorse of Fintown – Soy Candle


Gorse of Fintown

Scent story // Near fintown is our favourite place to stay in Ireland. An Airbnb run by two wonderful people called Neadü (The Irish word for Nest). We stay there as often as we can and love it more each time. On one particular trip, the owner’s daughter had laid out a path of gorse petals along a wooden pathway through the trees for us to follow. It reminded Michael of a woodland faery or a story of faeries leading people astray. For this scent he focused on the coconut gorse scent as the primary, then built a playful and sweetness around it with pineapple and lemongrass.

Top Notes // Pineapple & lemongrass

Heart Notes // Coconut &Lily

Base Notes // Sandalwood

Burn time :35 hours of illumination    Volume : 160g

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34 in stock

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Gorse of Fintown – Soy Candle

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