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Wild Achill Island – 9 soy wax melt pieces


Wild Achill Island

Notes // patchouli * heather * bluebells * cedarwood

-9 Hand poured wax melts

Scent story // This candle captures our memories of camping under the wild stars of Achill Island on the rugged Mayo coast. The scent is very fresh – floral, but only as part of a light, crisp coastal scent.

Every batch is developed, blended, hand-poured and finished in our Co. Down studio. Each scent is our own original blend and comes with a care guide and postcard that we’ve photographed to share what inspires us.

These melts can be used in a tradition oil burner, they come packed in a biodegradable wax paper bag.

22 in stock

22 in stock

Wild Achill Island – 9 soy wax melt pieces


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