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Smudging and Cleanse Gift Box


If you are looking to cleanse your space or know someone who needs to, this is the perfect gift box. With 5 sticks of sacred palo Santo, a sage smudge stick and a cleansing Eucalyptus candle, you have everything you need to get rid of those negative energies.

The ethically sourced sage smudge stick can used multiple times to cleanse a new house or workspace. Spaces feel light and clear afterwards. The palo Santo sticks have a super high oil content and smell incredible just as they are. They can be used like an incense stick to make a space feel grounded and bring on a sense of ceremony. After using one or both of these, our uplifting and fresh Eucalyptus scented candle completes the sequence with new and uplifting vibes.

8 in stock

8 in stock

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Smudging and Cleanse Gift Box


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