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Hawthorn of Ballynoe – Soy Candle


Hawthorn of Ballynoe

Scent story // There is a special place found in the heart of the county Down country side. A tunnel made up of gorse and hawthorn trees leading to a stone circle. The pathway down is dotted with tokens and offerings to the faeries. When the hawthorn flowers bloom in this natural tunnel, the main scent is very similar to almond, with a light floral element to it. We brought in wild plum and fig too, as this place seems to eminate ideas of harvest and offereings.

Top Notes // Daffodil and fig

Heart Notes // Almond & wild plum

Base Notes // Cedarwood

Burn time : 35 hours of illumination   Volume : 160g

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32 in stock

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Hawthorn of Ballynoe – Soy Candle

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