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A Burren Susurrus – Incense Cones


Notes // orchid *oakmoss * heather * lilly

16 Cones – within the tin, they are packed into a glassine bag to keep their freshness.

Scent story // “Susurrus” [suh-sur-uh s] – A low murmuring, or soft whisper. This is a gentle floral scent with fresh undertones – designed to evoke our time spent exploring the Burren in Ireland’s County Clare. The alien landscape is full of hidden wildflowers – including the orchids and heather we bring into this scent.

Every incense cone is developed, blended, hand-dipped and finished in our Co. Down studio. Each scent is our own original blend and comes with a care guide and postcard that we’ve photographed to share what inspires us.

35 in stock

35 in stock

A Burren Susurrus – Incense Cones

Weight 60 kg


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