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Spend a day with us & blend your own scented candles


About our workshops

Learn to blend scent and pour your very own candles.

Our monthly candle making workshops teach you the basics of candle making but with a big emphasis on scent and how it is created. Held in amazing setting of Bullitt Belfast's Good Room, you can enjoy the relaxed vibe while learning something completely new.

Michael will walk you through the methods of creating your very own blend. He uses the inextricable link between scent and memory to help you create your very own scent memory as well as share his own scent stories.   Each person will create their very own custom scent and then blend and pour their very own soy wax candle.

Contact us if you would like us to bring our workshops to you.



upcoming workshops

We have teamed up with Bullitt Belfast to host our first candle making workshops of 2017.  Each workshop will have no more than 12 people and refreshments will be provided, including a glass of bubbles and coffee.  We will a record player turning out some tunes in the back ground so feel free to bring along some records. We also have gift vouchers available for the workshops! They make great gifts, as the person you are buyout for can use it for any of our workshops listed online.