Irish Seasonal Subscription Candles

Irish Seasonal Subscription Candles

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Fall into the ebb and flow of with the seasons of Ireland.

With this subscription, you (or anyone you select) will be sent a candle before each of the seasonal equinoxes and solstices.  You can then light the candle and fill your home with the scent inspired by a part of Ireland at that time of year.  It's a wonderful way to introduce a seasonal ritual into your life and help you sync into seasonal living.

Spring Equinox 20/21 March

(Irish: 'Earrach', pronounced: "arr-och")

Irish Gorse (Whin) Candle

They say it is kissing season when Gorse is in flower. During Spring the yellow flowers on this shrub erupt all over the landscape, bringing with it the scent of coconuts! Almost out of place on our Island, but all the more interesting for it. When I smell this candle, I am reminded of wide blue skies and that wonderful sweet scent carried everywhere on the wind.

Summer Solstice 21/22June

(Irish: 'Samhradh', pronounced: "cow-rah")

Shell's Seaside Café Candle

Summertime for us is all about spending as much time on the West of Ireland as possible and most of that time is spent in and around this café.  Around it are some of our favourite surf spots as well as mountains and miles of wild coastline.  This scent reminds us of high summer and coastal living.

Autumn Equinox 22/23 September 

(Irish: 'fómhar', pronounced: "foh-wir")

Wild Achill Island Candle

Autumn on Achill Island (found off County Mayo) needs to be experienced to get an understanding of how special it is.  As the heather turns golden brown and people start to burn more turf with the longer evenings approaching there is a scent to the air that we have captured.  For us it is Ireland cut back to its core.

Winter Solstice 21/22 December

(Irish: 'geimhreadh', pronounced: "geev-reh")

A Real Turf Fire

Here in Ireland, nothing quite beats the smell of Turf hanging in the air. It brings to mind feelings of home and comfort.  On a cold winter's night, there is nothing better than throwing some turf on the fire and curling up in front of it with a great book.  Even the scent of turf makes you feel warm on the inside.

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With each subscription, the recipient will receive a welcome card with the sender's name on it.  

Each candle will be sent with an information card about that season and depending on the time of year a few dried flowers or petals relating to the part of Ireland that inspired the candle's scent.

The subscription is for one year.  Four candles will be sent out over the year.  They will be 125ml and burn for approx 30 hours.