Wild Achill Island Soy Candle

Wild Achill Island Soy Candle

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Notes // patchouli * heather * bluebells * cedarwood

Scent story // Our Wild Achill Island soy candle was created to remind us of some of our favourite trips. Achill Island is an incredible place and one particular trip always comes back to us. When we smell this we are taken back to camping out under the stars out on Ireland’s Wild West.

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There is a raw and striking beauty to be found on Achill Island, when the late summer fades to Fall.  As the bracken curls and turns golden, the heather flowers dim, and the ground grows richly damp, a tapestry of scent unfurls that imprints itself in your imagination, stopping you dead in your tracks with wonder.

£2.75 Northern Ireland + UK Delivery.

International Delivery available.

All of our candles are lovingly hand poured in small batches in our workshop, nestled between the Mourne Mountains and the Irish Sea.

Please note: We are moving to a new style of branding and some of the candle will arrive with the updated branding, we hope that is ok.

Available in one size:

250ml with a burn time of approx. 45 - 50 hours

Made from:

Sustainable plant wax, free from palm wax, beeswax, petroleum, pesticides, herbicides. Our wicks are lead-free and and are simply made from pure cotton with paper cores. We also use 10% fragrance in our candles, whereas the industry standard is between 3 - 7%. This means the scent will last until the very end of the candle and will not fade.

You will receive a care guide to get the most out of your candle as well as a postcard with a photo of our recent travels around Ireland. If you would like a message written onto it, drop us an email to info@thebeardedcandlemakers.com with your order number and message.

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