Palo Santo Holy Wood - bundle

Palo Santo Holy Wood - bundle


Used for centuries, this holy wood has been used for its cleansing and energising properties. It only grows on the coastal regions of Peru and Equador in South America. Harvested only from fallen trees and picked by hand.

The aroma is incredible, with notes of pine, eucalyptus, lemon, neroli and frankincense.

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4 sticks in each bundle and measure approx 5cm each.

To use hold a single stick over a flame for 30/40 seconds, then allow the flame to die away or gently blow out. Allow the initial black smoke (from the natural resins and oils) to disperse. After around 30 seconds the smoke will turn quickly to white. Then allow the smoke to spread and if you move around the house or space to smudge or cleanse, gently waft the smoke into the area.

Leave to go out in a dish and be careful to check the flame and embers have gone cold.