Wedding unity candle set of three

Wedding unity candle set of three


Our unity candles are a beautiful set that can be used for unity ceremonies. With custom labels, the two tapers can be used to light the larger unifying candle. Absolutely perfect for weddings, civil ceremonies or any event that bring two people together.

Each of these stunning hand rolled candles are made using the finest premier grade beeswax foundation. With our 100% braided cotton wicks, that we hand dip into soy wax for a perfect burn. They make a great alternative to the chemical paraffin alternatives.

The natural yellow candles have the most intriguing soft honey/earth scent.

You can add your names, venue and date at check out. Alternatively email us with whatever you would like them to say, we design and print them in-house.

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These candles sometimes drip wax, so please ensure they are in a suitable candle holder that an catch the spillage.

The two thinner taper candles burn time: 6 hours each

The large taper candle burn time: 20 hours

Due to the natural nature of these candles, some slight color variations can be expected.

Please allow an extra 2-3 days for delivery at peak times.