from 19.95 every month

Candle Subscription.

|| Each month we will post out a candle from our Irish Collection so you will never be without a candle to enjoy. With each subscription box you will get a candle, a selection of tea lights or oil burner melts. You also get one of our postcard prints and some locally foraged dried or fresh flowers for you to enjoy too.

We will choose each subscription based on the season and our best sellers. All boxed up beautifully with fully eco friendly and recyclable boxes. Everything from our corn pellet filler to the tape is biodegradable and planet earth friendly.

If it is a gift and you would like to include a note, just send us an email with the order number and your message. It will be hand written onto one of our postcards.


How it all works:

Your card will be charged just before we send out each subscription.

A welcome card will be posted out once the subscription is confirmed.

Delivery is included in the price.

We post all subscriptions out on the 15th of each month.

This is an ongoing monthly payment that you can cancel at any time.

Orders placed after the 12th of each month will be sent out the following month.

Available only within the EU + UK