Hygge Candle 03

Hygge Candle 03


Frankincense - Ginger - Myrrh 

45 Hours of Illumination 

This scent used the idea of the three kingly gifts (gold, frankincense and myrrh) for a clean but intriguing scent. The frankincense and myrrh make for a complex base. Then bring in the ginger and you have an element that brings the whole scent to life.

Hygge; the Danish concept with no direct translation into English. Light me in the company of great friends, great food or simply a good book and let the hygge begin…

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The Hygge Collection (pronounced Hu-ga) was developed by ourselves and Kaffe O in Belfast.  We wanted a range of candles to light at home to help you cosy up with your favourite book and a cup of great coffee.  Kaffe O is a nordic inspired cafe company here in Belfast.  By working with their Danish inspired background and our passion of scents, we developed this range of three candles, all carry a homely traditional base scent offset with a contemporary twist.