Mrs R’ganics – one of the best skin care companies out there.

We want to give a shout out to our friends and amazing company - Mrs R'ganics. We have been using Carol's products for years and started doing...

A few days in Donegal.

A Mini Guide to Donegal. A mini guide to North West Donegal - for beach lovers, doggo lovers and food lovers. With tips of where to park up in...

How to burn your candle perfectly.

Hi Folks! Let see how to burn a candle perfectly. Have you ever had to throw a candle out but there is still wax left in the container? It happens...

Donegal in the snow

We have been craving Donegal for so long now, and have been looking over photos and wanted to...

For the Love of Gorse

As some of you may have noticed, I love all things gorse. I am completely obsessed with the smell,...

#answerthecall with Bushmills®

#answerthecall with Bushmills®

We are delighted to be able to share an incredible story with you.  A few months ago we were approached by Bushmills® to be a collaborator in their...

Irish Collection

A range of scents inspired by Ireland's landscapes, stories and people. Ireland is a place born of myth and legend, immersed in stories that tell us who we are, and we bring them to life through scent.

Book Lovers Collection

Our Book Lover's Collection is a bibliophile's dream. Each candle is inspired by a favourite literary classic. A perfect companion to your favourite book.

Irish Botanical Candle Studios

A range of candles inspired by Ireland's stunning flora. Made using an almost alchemical style of scent blending, these candles bring scent to life in a whole new way.

Christmas & Gift Boxes

Explore our Christmas candles along with a curated selection of gift boxes.

The Weekenders

A collection of candles inspired by the best weekends, when you're free to head off adventuring or curl up with a good book. Each comes with an illustration from the very talented O.S. Illustrations.

Matches + Homewares

A stunning collection of matches from the iconic Archivist letterpress printers, oil burners, soaps, woolly socks and the cosiest of Irish woollen blankets.

Autumn & Winter Collection

Our monthly candle subscriptions come in all shapes and sizes. From gorgeous seasonal subscriptions sent out each equinox and solstice to surprise candle-of-the-month subscriptions.

Beeswax Candles

Our beeswax taper candles are hand rolled in our studio.

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